• RemedEze™ Essential Oil Blends 10ml

RemedEze™ Oils are a selection of Oils designed to help alleviate numerous symptoms, naturally. Perfect for use in a steam inhaler of on a handkerchief. 

  • Simply add a drop of RemedEze™ oil to your steam inhaler and enjoy the aromatherapeutic effects of the unique blends
  • Each unique oil blend is specifically designed to target certain symptoms such as blocked sinuses, coughs, colds, headaches, etc.
  • Safe & Effective steam inhalation, combined with RemedEze™ oils, offers a safe and natural relief from a multitude of ailments
  • Large number of applications from one 10ml bottle
  • Variations available: AllergEze, BreathEze, FeminEze, FootEze, HayfeverEze, HeadEze, MemorEze, SlimEze, SleepEze & StressEze, 

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RemedEze™ Essential Oil Blends 10ml

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